• Technology products for the global oil & gas market; subsea, topside & onshore.
  • State-of-the art modules, and integrated systems for subsea intervention.

Products & Components

ADVANTEC provides leading technology products for subsea and topside well control. Our products are designed to meet all relevant regulations and standards, both international and national. The product range is designed and developed in response to marked demands, and is well suited for implementation in projects globally. ADVANTEC also designs and invents components for implementation in offshore systems, both topside and subsea, in addition to land based applications.

Special Design Reels

The special design reels supplied by ADVANTEC include air driven Reels, or electro-hydraulic reels where high forces and precise controls are required. Reels are designed for Ultra Deep-water applications down to 3,000m water depth. Several applications are designed and delivered, including Downline Reels and Reels for Arctic climates. 

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Hydraulic Power Units

ADVANTEC’s offers a wide variety of Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) for many different applications, from the smallest pressure test units, to large, high custom designed systems that meets special client or project requirements. 

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